Frequently Asked Questions

We have two curriculums: The Vegan Mastery Program and The Vegetarian Mastery Program. We were originally going to keep them separate. But when we surveyed our students, most wanted to receive both curriculums. Why?

Some eat eggs but not dairy. Some vegans have vegetarian spouses. And many vegetarians want recipes they can serve to their vegan guests. Others just haven’t decided which diet is right for them yet, and want to keep their options open.

Based on this feedback, here’s the approach we’ve taken. Each of the 50 lessons starts with information relevant to both vegans and vegetarians. Then, where called for, we’ve created an “Addendum for Ovo-lacto Vegetarians”. If you don’t eat eggs or dairy, you can just ignore the addendum.

Our Certificate Program is accredited for 3 CEU credits through the Academic of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Once you complete the quizzes that are a part of this program, you will receive a certificate from us. You just needs to register with Eatright.org and submit your certificate there. Once your documents are submitted and after review, you will be able to obtain their Continuing Education Units from eatright.org.

You can cancel anytime within the first 15 days of your program. All you need to do to cancel is send us an email at CustomerCare@VegHealth.com or complete the form at: https://members.veghealth.com/support/

Yes you can cancel your program after this time but we do not offer any refunds for customers who cancel after the trial period has ended.

We have a special page in our members portal to update your credit card information. Here is the link: https://members.veghealth.com/update/. You  must be logged in to view the page.

]You can upgrade to certificate level at anytime. Here where you go to upgrade: https://dd134.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/Mastery-Program-CERT-OTO-Later

Just go here: https://members.veghealth.com/ and there is a password reset area.

You can login to your member portal from your phone and the audios will play on your phone.

In each Q&A topic there is the transcript for each of the audios. Just right click on the transcript to download.

We have a downloadable version of all recipes available in Lesson 50. Once you have access to Lesson 50, navigate to topic 50.1 and you will see it there.

During your trial period, you will get access to 1 lesson a week for the first 15 days. After your trial period, you will get access to the remaining lessons if you paid in full. If you are on a payment plan, you will get access to a portion of the lessons with each payment :).

We allow for a few retries of your payment before we restrict access. If your card does decline or not process, you will receive an email with a link to update your credit card and that will restore access.

It is possible that you are not logged in. Please login again and proceed to the dashboard. If you are only missing access to a couple lessons, check out our response to “Why can’t I access the next lesson”.

Your initial bonuses are on the dashboard of the membership site area. The other “commitment” bonuses are available with Lesson 4.

At the bottom of each “topic” there is a comment area. Just put in your comments there. Please note that we only answer comments from Certification program students. If you are a mastery student, you can ask your question in the Facebook group.

Yes, we have a staff that reviews the comments and replies. This usually happens within 48 hours (delayed on weekends).